At Flourish, you heal how you most need to. Everyone is different and so is how you need to heal. We listen, and guide you on your healing path with compassion and purpose 


We’re all pretty hard core healers at Flourish, and we’re passionate about you receiving the healing you need from
the healer that resonates
with you best.


It’s easy to book online.
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We run practitioner training and self-development events throughout the year.
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We have personally experienced the power of healing which has freed us from our limiting beliefs and we want to share it with you…

They say that to be a good healer, you need to experience what you will be asked to heal. The healers at Flourish are real people who have had amazing results from Soul Healing – so much so, they became healers themselves.

Who better to trust with your healing…

The Healers of Flourish

Kaylee Maitland

Kinesiologist & Soul Healer

As a Soul Awaking Healer, Kaylee releases trauma and belief systems spanning your lifetimes that are holding you back from realising your greatest potential in this lifetime.

If there’s something bursting to get out of you but you just don’t know what it is or how to release it, book an in-clinic or remote Soul Awaking balance.

Belle Gikas

Kinesiologist & Soul Healer

Belle is a true heart healer, she intuitively weaves multiple energy healing frequencies and modalities to help you release what no longer serves your highest good, so you can experience the joy, peace, and happiness you deserve.

Belle enjoys working with sound healing frequencies, crystals, oracle cards, and meridian therapy using a bio resonance device.

Alana Hooper

Kinesiologist & Soul Healer

The healing we create in ourselves can often heal those we love most around us.

Alana works with kids, adults and families to create beautiful change.

Alana helps you find contentment in yourself which provides the foundation to base these changes in.

Carlee Galway

Kinesiologist & Soul Healer

With a deep understanding of the mind, body and soul connection, Carlee guides you to release stored traumas, reframe limiting belief systems, and shift self-imposed boundaries and outdated conditionings to empower you to move freely forward.


Clinical Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist
& Soul Healer

Jaye is a holistic healer, helping you heal from the inside out. She weaves her amazing skills in understanding the magic of the body and the soul, aligning you into a better you.


Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Kirrilly guides you through the release of patterns of ‘people pleasing’, and enjoys working with professionals empowering their workplace relationships.  


Womb Massage Therapist

Heather is passionate about treating women’s health conditions such as fertility, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalances and pain. Womb and Fertility Massage benefits her clients physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Womb Massage Therapist & Iridologist



What we do best

We’re here to help you on your journey.

We specialise in healing soul trauma and helping you reframe belief systems about yourself – as you release the density of the past. 

Sometimes you might need a little more help, so we have stocked our shelves with high frequency healing tools such as singing bowls, essential oils (that we bottle ourselves), energy healing sprays and magically blended herbs for drinking or use in rituals.

Pop in to see our range or speak to us at your next appointment about taking home support for between appointments.

Flourish Practitioner Training

Join us for Soul Healing Practitioner training at our beautiful training space in Kensington Park, South Australia.

Mulit-Dimensional Soul Healing training is for those seeking a personal development experience and/or a career change.

What our clients say

Don’t just take our word for it, here what our lovely clients want to share about us.

“I wouldn’t take my family anywhere else”


“Belle is a natural healer and has helped everyone in my family…”


“I can’t recommend Flourish highly enough. Go and see them, they’ll change your life.”


Our Stories

We have taken the time to tell our own stories of healing and the amazing stories of people who we have helped guide on their own healing path.

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