This phrase, toxic positivity, has come up twice in the last 2 days, which is usually what I need to take REAL notice of something, and know that it’s important for me to either know about, or do something with…

Last night I was watching my secret pleasure, an episode of New Amsterdam. It’s a show about idealism and kindness, all wrapped up with love in a hospital. It’s actually not that good, but I’m getting something from it ????

Anyhow, it was a reference to Toxic Positivity that got my attention, because just the day before my dear friend brought up this topic of being toxic positive. Of not letting people sit in and experience their trauma and negativity (by default – the opposite of positive is negative). And it seems that it is a phrase being used to describe the positivity both she and I wish to bring into the world…

And I got offended. And even raised my voice! Hello ego! Isn’t that funny. My pain body got offended being accused of not letting people sit in their negativity. LOL. (I didn’t get offended by my friend, just the fact someone told her that she and I were toxic positive)

My first level of conscious (my ego conscious) KNOWS that we are here to experience all emotions, regardless of what they are, however as we move up and into our higher consciousness, we literally cannot support negative emotions in this frequency. In fact, as I have moved up into my higher conscious, not only can’t I personally hold negativity, and by default, I experience positivity and see the world through the lens of positivity, I’m finding it difficult to have compassion for negativity around me. I am compassionate and support my clients who are stuck in their first conscious and help them access their higher conscious, however I no longer have an attachment to it.

Let me explain.

We have 3 levels of consciousness. Lets call it Mind, Spirit and Soul.

When we operate from mind conscious, this is supported by our 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions. Our core self, our ego (pain body) and our physical self. This is where we experience the full spectrum of emotions, elation right through to hate. It’s also our core self, which is our authenticity (and what authority we operate from). This is our personality, our character, what makes us…well us. And our 3rd dimension is the physical expression of both of the first 2 dimensions. This is where we feel lightness or pleasure, or density and pain and eventually disease. Mind conscious can only support and inward vision of self.

Spirit conscious is supported by our 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions. This is where we have literally escaped the binds of mind conscious, and can set ourselves free into a lighter and higher frequency. One where we can cast our view outward, rather than inward, and have an outward vison of self. It is here we understand that we are not an island, and that we are part of something bigger than our selves. Our 5th Dimension is the expression of this consciousness, however the 6th Dimension is where we access the architects of the universe. The 4th Dimension is the rainbow bridge between the 1st and 2nd consciousness’.  We have had access to this conscious for quite a while now – thousands of years – however we didn’t move into the Spirit Consciousness as a collective until the pandemic. It was the events of the pandemic that brought us together and create a collective change in our collective consciousness.

Soul conscious is supported by our 7th, 8th and 9th Dimensions. This is the sacred union. The bringing together of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine – the polarity in all of us. In this conscious we move from a reality of polarity into a reality of union. We express this conscious through the 9th Dimension. However our Soul Conscious needs a great deal of healing. Our ancestral legacy or lineage has left us with a deformed or broken 8th Dimension that requires healing. The process of this healing has been like climbing a ladder with each rung broken in two. To be able to climb the ladder, we need to mend the next rung well enough for us to then stand on it and be supported to then mend the next rung.      

So, lets get back to toxic positivity.

As we move into Spirit conscious and Soul conscious, those around us who are choosing to stay firmly rooted in Mind conscious, are seeing the enormous amount of energetic light we generate, just be being in higher frequency. You may notice it too. Your skin may look clearer or more vibrant. You feel lighter, you’ll attract more light, and by this I mean other light frequency beings will be attracted to you, and you to them. Like attracts like.

You may also notice that you are repelling density. That those choosing to stay in ‘mind conscious’ are angry with you or reflecting their pain onto you. I’m noticing it around me, even on the road. In fact, other drivers are where I usually see big frequency shifts before anywhere else. It’s as if our ego gets behind the wheel of a car and expresses its pain body with great delight.

So this is where I think the term toxic positivity is coming from. I really believe that mind conscious dwellers are really pissed off that there are others around them fixing the rung of their ladder, and taking their next step, and fixing the next rung, and taking the next step. One step at a time. Maybe they are feeling denied the opportunity to sit in their own negativity, their own shit, because we have a natural desire to rise, to be positive, to seek life, and with people around them doing this, it’s making them angry that they don’t want to, or feel self-righteous to be in their pain . And there’s a way to make yourself feel better about something – give it a label. And make the bringers of light, the problem.

What’s that saying? If bringing the Light is wrong, I don’t want to be right….? I’m sure I’m paraphrasing, but you get what I mean.

Keep shining brightly beautiful people. Your ladder is taking you where you need to go.