Kinesiology is a gentle, complimentary health treatment that can work wonderfully well with children.

Kinesiology is a gentle, complimenatry health treatment that can have wonderful results for children. Often used with children with learning difficulties, dyslexia, anxiety, allergies, food intollerances, concentation or focus difficulties and many more.

We often see chidlren when no other treatments have worked or when parents are frustrated with poor results with other modalities. Kinesiology can be very effective and can make amazing changes to your child’s behaviour, skills and performance. It can be particularly effective with children who are very sensitive or who have experienced trauma.

We specialise in working with children, and focus on helping them feel safe and nurtured. Parents are requested to be in the consulting room at all times and may be asked to participate in treatments.

My son loves his appointments with Geordie…and the changes we see in our son after every appointment continue to astound us.

Kobi’s Mum