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Meet Belle

A true heart healer, Belle intuitively weaves multiple energy healing frequencies and modalities to help you release what no longer serves your highest good, so you can experience the joy, peace, and happiness you deserve.

If you’re feeling lost, disconnected, or struggling with overwhelm, negative self-talk, people-pleasing, and neglecting your own needs or boundaries, you’ve found yourself here for a reason.

Meet Alana

Alana is a ray of sunshine wrapped up in a human body. Just talking with Alana brings a smile to your dial 🙂

Alana works with individuals and families to bring harmony and a deep understanding of how you can live a lighter and brighter life together.

Meet Carlee

Pairing energy healing techniques with her knowledge of the sacred forms of our physical and metaphysical beings (and their complex yet beautiful natures), Carlee offers a unique healing experience for all of her clients.

Carlee guides you to release stored traumas, reframe limiting belief systems, and shift self-imposed boundaries and outdated conditionings to empower you to move freely forward. 

Meet Kaylee

Kaylee is a Soul Healer and also specialises in treating adults and children with anxiety.

As a Soul Healer, Kaylee will guide you through the many layers of healing we need to get us on our path. That burning desire to be doing something…something important…but you just can’t find the way.

Kaylee can help you discover yourself, along with your Souls Path.

Kaylee is passionate about helping kids with anxiety. As a parent herself of two, she understands that parenting a child with anxiety can take the fun out of parenting. Really. And parenting a child with anxiety can tip us over the edge into our own experiences of anxiety…

…and she knows this because she has been there…She has experienced first hand how effective and gentle Kinesiology treatment is for children and adults.