The morning was pretty much like any other morning…

…the usual getting ready for school bizzo but we were tracking along nicely and everyone was getting their act together.

But there were a couple of significant differences about this morning. Small, but significant enough that it turned our morning a bit crap.

It was the second day back at school after school holidays AND my son couldn’t find his school shirt.

That was it really. But it was the trigger that sent my son off into anxiety mode.

And this is what happened…

…I can’t find my shirt turned into a massive melt down – crying, yelling, accusing people of lying to him…

…irrational stuff.

We helped him get his anxiety levels down enough to help look for his shirt but by this time I didn’t know where the shirt was and I was getting a little antsy as well. Trying to calm my son down and still get everyone ready.

The idea of going to school in a shirt that wasn’t uniform or the very real option (to him) of having to go half naked simply fried his brain.

But the interesting part happened next.

My husband’s anxiety levels shot up. He started yelling at me, yelling at the kids and then I started getting really cross with my husband.

When I told him to stop yelling at everyone, his reply was of course…


Sound familiar?

So now everyone’s anxiety is up…

…on what started out as a nice, normal, calm morning.

We found the shirt.

My son was now fine.

But my husband and I weren’t.

We will be of course, but we didn’t have to start our day like this. He’ll come home from work and it will all be fine, but if our relationship wasn’t as secure as it is, I wonder what regular morning experiences like this could do to us?

Sound like your household?

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