The most common question I’m asked, is what happens in a Kinesiology Balance.

It’s a great question because even if you have seen a Kinesiologist before, it’s likely that your balance with me will be quite different.

The one thing that is consistent amongst Kinesiologists is that we all use muscle testing.

So what happens when you book a balance at Flourish Kinesiology?

  1. The first session typically takes 1.5 hours and we start with a chat about what you would like to work on. There may be more than one issue you would like to work on and most times we can include these in the first session.
  2. I’ll ask you then to lay on a massage table and it’s here that I will go through muscle testing and teach you how to be muscle tested.
  3. We then check that the goals we have established are the priority for the session and that there isn’t anything else we need to include.
  4. There are a series of pre-tests that we go through that highlight any priority areas we need to include in the balance. These could be issues, patterns of behaviour or other stresses on your system.
  5. Once we have all of the information we need for the balance, it’s time to correct the stresses. The corrections could include meridian massage, acupressure, Emotional Stress Release, Colour therapy, Light therapy, inner self work or structural muscle release – plus much more.
  6. One session can significantly shift issues, and you will feel different about the issues we covered after the balance……However most of us benefit from 2 to 5 sessions. Just think about how long we spent creating problems for ourselves. If an issue has been around for a long time, it may take longer to completely shift it.

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